Terminator - Ride on Floor Scraper - Carpet Removal Machine

Terminator Flooring Removal Equipment.  Carpet, VCT, Vinyl, Hardwood and Coatings Removal Machines

Terminators Make Flooring Removal Easy


Floor removal is a big job that requires serious machinery. That’s why Innovatech was born. With our line of Terminator flooring removal products our clients can tackle even the largest project with ease. Terminators are ideal for tile removal, carpet and more.

Innovatech designs and manufactures the world-renowned Terminator tile scraper and floor removal line from our headquarters in Everett, Washington. Our carpet removal machines are made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is equipped with the latest technology, including computer controlled lathes, mills, welding equipment, assembly tools and more. We take production seriously, because we want our customers to enjoy the best floor removal machinery available anywhere.

More Than Just Tile Removal & Carpet Removal - The Terminator is King

The Terminator line is the ultimate in floor removal technology. There simply is no equal in power, reliability and productive capacity. The Innovatech Terminator line of ride-on floor scraping machines stands alone. The Innovatech Terminator is truly the floor removal machine that all others are measured against.

  • The T-2100EI Ride on Floor Scraper.  Zero Emissions
  • T-2100 XM Ride on Floor Scraper. Exceptional performance in a compact size.
  • Ride-on Scraper Blades, attachments and accessories for the Terminator.


Terminator Bests Carpet, Tile, Vinyl, Ceramics, Epoxies, & More

The Terminator has proven itself capable of removing carpet, VCT, vinyl, ceramics, hardwoods, elastomerics, epoxies, decorative coatings, roofing materials, sport courts and many other surface coverings and flooring products. From elastomeric coatings on a cruise ship, to the parquet wood floor of the Boston Garden, to the carpet and tile in Seattle's Space Needle Restaurant, when you have a tough floor removal job you will turn to the Terminator.

Clients will find that Innovatech offers an extensive line of products to meet a wide variety of flooring needs. From polishing and grinding to dust collection and floor removal, we have your flooring needs covered. When removal is the need our Terminator line of tile and carpet removal machines stands up to any task.

Terminator Carpet & Tile Removal Equipment

T-2100EI – The heavy duty machine is battery powered for convenience, boasts zero emissions and a quiet operation. It can handle tile removal, carpet removal and more. This model is the Number One seller in our line because of its power and compact size. Its battery is even powerful enough to handle six to seven hours of operation before recharging.

T-2200PRO – The 60hp Terminator Pro is designed to handle the most demanding floor removal projects with ease. While it will fit through standard doorways with no problem at all, this machine offers serious power. It can handle just about any job imaginable, has extremely high removal rates, offers a quick change swivel head design and Cool Flow hydraulics for consistent use hour after hour.

T-2100XM – This 20hp model is compact and designed for easy maneuverability. Don’t let the size fool though; this Terminator tackles floor removal with the best of them. It is designed to handle carpet removal, tile scraping and more with its Honda 20hp electric start motor.

Terminator Tile & Carpet Removal Accessories

Innovatech also produces a wide selection of accessories to go with our Terminator floor removal line. Specialty blades, for example, can ready our floor removal machines for a wide variety of projects.

If it’s time to buy serious floor removal machinery, Innovatech is here to serve. Just take a look at our product line and see for yourself why Terminators are world renowned. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us directly at 1-800-267-6682.